The “klingler Governance- & Vergütungsreport 2020 / 2021”

The “klingler Governance- & Vergütungsreport” analyses and comments the different compensation practices of board and executive committees of all listed companies in the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) on the basis of the latest annual reports and provides a deep insight into the organisation and work structures of the board members and management.

The recently published fifth edition of our highly acclaimed publication presents the compensation practices at the level of the board of directors and of the executive board of the companies listed in the SPI as well as the latest findings in a comprehensible, clearly structured and relevant form. This year’s edition focuses on the one hand on the developments in disclosure practices since their introduction, and on the other hand on the increasingly important issues surrounding succession planning.

With almost 200 SPI companies examined, the “klingler Governance & Compensation Report” covers an extraordinarily broad spectrum of companies, which makes it highly informative.

Who sits on the board of directors of SPI-listed companies?

klingler Governance- & Remuneration report 2020 / 2021

By its very nature, the demographic composition changes only slowly.

Still, the proportion of women is increasing slowly but steadily from year to year and now stands at 17.5% for all SPI companies, compared with around 15% in 2018. Nevertheless, listed companies are still a long way from the target of 30% at board level that is being discussed at political level. 

Who is appointed as CEO?

In total, 1037 of the surveyed members of executive boards are male and 83 board members are female. This corresponds to a female share of 7.4%. The typical CEO of a listed Swiss company is 56 years old, has been in the role for seven years and was previously head of a division of the same company.

Data and key points

The report includes:

  • 193 SPI companies / 1315 board members / 1092 management members
  • Information on the structure and compensation of CEOs and board members
  • Personnel topics in the board of directors: tasks that the nomination committee and the compensation committee ideally perform
  • Situation report on the current handling of succession planning in Swiss companies in view of the fact that succession planning is one of the most important management tasks and is essential for the survival of the company in times of crisis
  • Thoughts on individualised pension provision plan with 1e solutions from the perspective of both employers and employees

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