Valon Causi

Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 56


«When you are on the sea and the kite falls into the water – what do you do?» «Just stay calm. Breathe deeply. And hold it again into the wind.» That’s Valon Causi. A person who always pushes his limits and always remains enviably calm. Not only in sports, but everywhere in life.

Of course, they recognised this in Zurich’s banking center and provided the career ladder for him. The man from Rapperswil with Albanian roots has actually climbed some rungs: A few years in trading, some in wealth management, then a degree in business administration – it could have just gone on like that. But always working only in banks? This corset would be too tight for Valon.

At klingler consultants, the former National League A volleyball player finds what the financial giants denied him: Independent work, freedom and teamwork worthy of his name. This is where he can bring in his initiative and live out his qualities as a doer. On projects in all industries. Whether in contact with customers or juggling with numbers.

À propos juggling: The talent for movement can do that too, of course. Besides skateboarding, kitesurfing, volleyball and many other sports. As a rule of thumb: When Valon is not sitting in the office, he moves. On the water, in the mountains, indoors. Always looking for a new challenge, always with a clear goal in mind. Because he does not feel comfortable in the comfort zone.

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