Urs Klingler

CEO / Managing Partner

phone +41 44 542 26 44

mail urs.klingler@klinglerconsultants.ch

If Urs Klingler were American, there would have been a film about him long ago. Because what Hollywood filmed with Moneyball, he did almost exactly the same in the context of his master thesis at the University of Bern. Instead of baseball, he watched handball games, but as in the true story of the Oakland A’s, his research also led to the championship title. This laid the foundation for the career of the performance freak.

Urs Klingler has now been fighting for over 25 years for performance in every system. Initially in a senior management position with a national insurance company, then as head of human resources for a global reinsurance company and as head of remuneration in one of the large four consulting firms. He has accompanied well over one hundred projects in a wide range of industries in Germany and abroad and founded klingler consultants in 2010.

With his own company, he advocates sustainable remuneration systems and thus seeks to strengthen the performance of employees, companies and society as a whole. He considers a wage to be good if it is appropriate, fair and does not exclude anyone. He carries this conviction into the public eye with regular appearances in the media and thus raises awareness of the value of employees. He also passes on his expertise as a lecturer at various universities and as the author of several books.

Nowadays, the family man no longer seeks a balance to his job by fighting over the handball circuit, but rather by taking part in long-distance runs. Nevertheless, he is still influenced by team sports: as head coach of klingler consultants, he passes on his experience with pleasure to the hand-picked employees. To ensure that his team continues to play the way he wants in the future: agile and eloquent, fast and smart – and, of course, successful.

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