Thomas Koller


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No sooner had he obtained his Master’s degree in International Law in English from the University of Gallen (HSG) than Thomas Koller found his dream apartment in Jona and his dream job at klingler consultants in Zurich. But how did this all come about?

Thomas Koller has a wide range of interests. Moreover, with his analytical, strategic-conceptual and data-savvy personality, he is an absolute crack when it comes to data analysis. He discovered and deepened his fascination for analyses, strategic decisions and for optimising processes at an early age. Especially during his bachelor’s degree in International Relations as well as during his student jobs in HR, quality development and project management.

Thomas Koller combines a strong affinity for data analysis with a wealth of knowledge about how different state systems and organisations work together. He thus combines competencies in exact sciences with those in social sciences. A perfect candidate to discover and specialise in the field of consulting, especially in the area of Compensation & Benefits Management. «How is Switzerland structured as a business location in the area of HR?», «How does it work in concrete terms?», «How do the various regions and industries differ in terms of total compensation?», «How is equal pay implemented?», «Where are the opportunities for optimisation?» – These are all questions that interest Thomas Koller and that he can explore and find answers to in practice by working with us. And at the same time, he skillfully supports the entire team in the preparation of analyses, reports and presentations. An absolute win-win situation for everyone!

Thomas Koller also has a wide range of interests in his private life. The choice of his new home in Jona is no coincidence. Because to slow down, he likes to go on idyllic hikes with his girlfriend, on peaceful stand-up paddling tours, loves to travel to very different regions all over the world, cooks recipes inspired by his travels and enjoys discussing complex issues with friends and acquaintances. The need for mental stimulation and inspiration is indispensable to him.

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