Serge Gachoud

Senior Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 48


Even if the political science studies certainly didn’t hurt – Serge Gachoud is convinced: “The best school for my career in consulting was the time as Bell Boy in a Geneva hotel.” Here he obtained knowledge about human nature, the Worldly and the necessary shot of sovereignty for every situation, and financed his studies at the same time.

Nevertheless, with the licentiate in his pocket, he then switched from the world of noble hotels into the financial sector. An industry in which he immediately felt at home. For many years, the man from Vaud worked for numerous SMI companies. With big banks, insurance companies, in private banking and in the industry. Always in Geneva and Zurich. And soon in his favoured discipline compensation.

Thanks to his experience, the Senior Project Manager today not only knows how the war of talents is won, but also knows the challenges of the financial world. At klingler consultants the bilingual creates sophisticated remuneration structures and incentive systems for our customers in the German and French-speaking Switzerland and is also responsible for our CAS course on Compensation and Benefits.

Serge learns what work-life balance really means every working day anew. That’s when the juggling between career and family begins, and his time belongs to his children. He teaches them skiing and painting and dedicates himself – when everyone is satisfied – to his own painting whilst banishing the urban life onto the canvas.

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