Sacha Theiler

Senior Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 47


“A glass is neither half full nor half empty. “If it’s not full, I’ll top it up.” Sacha Theiler is a man of strong sentences, clear statements – and an opponent of the subjunctive. The doer does not like would, could, should. He’d rather have a no than a maybe, but he prefers a yes.

Sacha Theiler erklärt

And that’s exactly how he drives his projects forward. In our team, where he is active across all industries both analytically and as a sparring partner in direct exchange with customers. But also at home, where there is always something to do at his two-hundred-year-old farmhouse. What you can’t do, you can learn – this applies on the construction site as well as at work.

Sacha is a proven compensation professional for the latter, however. Immediately after completing his business studies at the University of Zurich, he joined the compensation department of a food company. After another position in the HR department of a Swiss pharmaceutical giant, he moved to a major local bank for ten years, where he was responsible for national and international remuneration systems.

Sacha Theiler lacht

The father of two gets his balance from his family and in the water. When nobody else thinks about swimming, Sacha slips into a neoprene suit and swims some rounds in the open air pool – or even better in the sea. There he can usually be found far below the water surface: Freediving. No oxygen, no catchphrases. But with calm, concentration and a single breath.

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