Sabrina Hugentobler

Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 48


“I want to understand the world,” says Sabrina Hugentobler laughing, “but unfortunately, behind every answer I find, new questions emerge.” But even if it’s a hopeless goal, understanding the world – she still tries. That’s why she completed a bachelor’s degree in Political Science in Geneva and a master’s degree in International Relations in St. Gallen after completing her banking apprenticeship.

After graduating, she first hired two seasons in a Swiss mountain hotel, then joined the Parliamentary Services in Berne and finally ended up with a large Swiss pharmaceutical company in human resources. It was where she discovered her fascination for compensation. And it was there that she first came into contact with klingler consultants when she took part in one of our studies.

We are pleased that Sabrina is now part of our team herself instead of “just” filling out our surveys. Thanks to her fluent French, she helps both German- and French-speaking Swiss SMEs to find the right remuneration structure, and appreciates working in a quiet little room just as much as appearing in front of clients.

The gifted organiser travels as often as possible to the mountains to relax – alone or in a group. Whether in the winter for skiing or in the summer for hikes, some for days on end. In mountainous terrain she arranges her thoughts. Or as she puts it: “The mountains put everything into perspective. And that’s good.”

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