Robert Prihoda

Senior Project Manager Business Intelligence

phone +41 44 542 26 49


Even if he’s working on the computer: Basically, Robert Prihoda is a craftsman. Not only does he master his tools like an experienced carpenter, he is also a man of action: routine and inefficiency give him a thorn in the flesh, and what he does he does right. That’s why he uses software to remove this thorn. And it makes people’s lives easier.

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That was the case even before the Zurich native joined klingler consultants. As a freelance software engineer, he developed a keen sense for the needs of people in the workplace. What do they lack? What do they need? Where can time be saved? Robert quickly grasps the problem and presents a solution in the form of a computer program. Now he does exactly that in our team, where he adapts our compensation tools to the wishes of our customers.

Robert draws on many years of experience in software development. Visual Basic and VBA, Cobol and SQL have been with him for over 20 years. Through his studies in business informatics, his MBA in business engineering and numerous positions in the financial sector – from well-known Swiss software developers to major local banks.

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In addition to his work on code, the father of two also likes to lend a hand. Whether it’s a floor in his house that needs to be laid again, or an Indian dish that wants to be cooked: Robert is seldom idle. In between, perhaps a film for relaxation. But then the next project will surely come soon: A dive in the tropics or another parachute jump from a plane?

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