Rahel Cohen


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mail rahel.cohen@klinglerconsultants.ch

In the beginning there were the Sugus candies. Rahel Cohen created her first incentive system with the colourfully packaged sweets as part of her Master’s thesis. One good thing, obviously: the thesis on «Priming and Cheating in Bonus/Malus Systems» not only secured her a degree in Business Administration at the University of Bern, but also laid the foundation for a fascination that has led her all the way to the klingler consultants team.

«How do people tick?», «How do I promote desired behaviour?» and «How do I bring about change?» are questions that have interested Rahel since she first came in touch with the subject of behavioural economics – back then still in her Bachelor’s degree in Management & Economics at the University of Zurich.

After completing her studies, the Schaffhausen native started a career that already impresses with its versatility. Among other things, she worked in marketing for a large tool manufacturer, in the sales department of a computer manufacturer and in digitalisation consulting for the banking sector.

In her free time, the Rahel likes to reach for a book – the thicker, the better. She lets herself be captivated by multi-volume fantasy epics or sinks into historical tales. But because a healthy mind also requires an active body, Rahel regularly packs her sports bag, heads for her favourite dance studio and practices country line dancing.


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