Philipp Heller


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There are people, who like to cycle down mountains. And there’s Philipp Heller. He prefers going up. Because the Zürcher looks for a challenge. Every day he wants to learn something new – both in his private life and at work. And he learns quickly: he completed the stages from junior to partner at klingler consultants within a short period of time. Lucky for us, that throughout this he never got bored.

As a consultant, team leader, head of human resources and marketing responsible, he performs four functions at the same time. Always straightforward and diplomatic, with a keen sense of people and a great deal of enthusiasm for remuneration issues. Philipp Heller transfers this energy not only to his employees, but also to his customers in the industry. His credo: A clear wage structure saves time in the future.

A similar guiding principle must underlie his career planning. During his business studies in Zurich and Hamburg, he gained management experience while leading the Swiss arm of a global student organization. After completing his studies, he first went into the human resources department of a Swiss retailer and in 2012 finally arrived at klingler consultants.

In his spare time, however, he likes to leave plans and paths behind him – preferably by bicycle, of course. He regularly escapes the Zurich bubble after work and explores the surrounding villages. Once home, however, there are no two-wheelers or payrolls: here, his little family is waiting.

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