Peter Cavigelli

Senior Project Manager


Peter Cavigelli is a summiteer, and the life sciences industry his favorite mountain. At the age of 25 he entered the Medtech industry, soon became sales manager, then country manager in the pharmaceutical industry, changed his perspective at the age of 40 and provided strategy consulting, and finally, became managing director of a non-profit organization for providing better vocational training – also in the pharmaceutical and Medtech industries, of course. And what about today? He still yearns for more.

There’s a simple reason for that: “I like doing new things” explains the self-described central-Swiss. Fortunately – for us. Now, together with experts from klingler consultants and selected companies, he is creating performance benchmarks for the life-sciences industry. He is predestined for this: He knows how these industries work, knows the way through the thicket of regulations and is still fascinated by the topic even after more than three decades.

Even in his private life, the frequent reader always keeps his eyes open for new challenges. Whether he is attending lectures on geopolitics, rowing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking and skiing, leading mountain climbs for the Swiss Alpine Club or exploring the culinary heritage of the Alpine region with his friends: Peter is always active, and his curiosity accompanies him everywhere.

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