Moritz Ryf


phone +41 44 542 26 50


Biel. The largest bilingual city in Switzerland. No wonder, it also calls itself the «City of Communication». This is exactly where Moritz Ryf grew up. There is no question that this has shaped him, on numerous levels. Moritz loves languages, is communicative, agile, open, enjoys working in a challenging environment, is very sporty and has a passion for flying ever since he was a child.

And with his stop-over in our team, he has made the perfect landing. At the University of Bern, he is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources. And here in Zurich he is applying his know-how, deepening it, supporting other team members in their projects and gaining his first professional experience in HR consulting and performance management before flying off to his next destination, a Master’s degree.

This fits in with his fascination for the topic of Compensation & Benefits Management and the question of how to design benefits in an effective manner and integrated them into a compensation concept in an intelligent manner so that employers remain attractive – particularly in an environment that is currently changing rapidly.

It is clear that Moritz also cultivates other interests in addition to his studies and professional activities. As an enthusiastic sportsman and communicator, he successfully implements the agreed tactics and strategy together with his floorball team. But that’s not all! As a referee, he has been in a match-deciding function for many years already. And he also likes to immerse himself in fascinating biographies. A high-flyer, in other words.


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