Marion Thalmann

Senior Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 56


“I want to make a difference,” says Marion Thalmann and basically means not just something, but everything – including herself. That’s why she doesn’t just plunge herself into her jobs, but also does sports like a semi-professional. Whether it is racing bikes, mountain biking or casual cycling: “There’s nothing better than cycling”. A triathlon here, a race there, and yet: in our hectic world, two wheels are for her also an acknowledgement to take it slow.

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However, taking it slow is out of the question in her career. She began her training as a nurse, studied health and nursing sciences and ended up working for an operator of Swiss health centres. There she was a member of the Executive Board for almost seven years, where she was responsible for operational management, human resources and marketing.

In 2017 she took the next step, started a Master in Human Capital Management and went into building her own business in 2018. As a consultant for leadership, management and personnel, she has since been active in all areas of the healthcare system and now manages projects for hospitals, nursing homes and medical centres on behalf of klingler consultants. With a lot of experience and just as much verve.

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And because she doesn’t like it when nothing happens, the bilingual Puschlav always makes sure that she doesn’t get bored while working or doing sports. For this she is supported by her huge garden, where something is made into jam almost all year round, and from her husband, with whom she can recharge her batteries for new challenges with fine food and a good glass of wine.

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