Lukas Molkentin

Senior Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 52


From pivot to regression: In Excel, no one can fool him. Lukas Molkentin is a gifted formula maker and has been shaking audits and benchmarks for klingler consultants since 2017. In a wide range of projects and for customers from all industries. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to highlight only his analytical skills.

Because he says it himself: “I am analytical. But not sooo analytical.” He feels most comfortable in the area of remuneration, where numbers and people meet. And he always dealt with this topic – apart from a brief interruption as a financial analyst at an international energy company. He wrote his master’s thesis on executive compensation and also worked in the human resources department during an internship at an airline.

But the communicative all-rounder does not only have numbers; he also carries creativity in his genes. After work, the hobby chef likes to merge the world’s cooking styles into exquisite menus, and whenever there is time, he picks up brushes or charcoal pencils and paints. Preferably portraits, but also landscapes – and this since childhood.

Incidentally, they took their first steps in Geneva. And those who grow up in this city breathe international air. It is therefore not surprising that Lukas speaks four languages and did not stay in Switzerland for his studies of International Economics, but moved to Utrecht. In the long run, however, the enthusiastic racing bike rider in the Dutch lowlands lacked both the sporting and professional challenge. We are pleased that he has now found both in Zurich.

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