Lena Grimm


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Lena has barely completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Zurich when she enters the professional world. Strictly speaking, she actually already gained HR experience during her studies in various organisations and companies, took part in numerous consulting workshops and completed several exchange semesters. Because Lena loves challenges! Being agile, proactive, communicative and dynamic, she finds it easy to adapt to new situations and bring multiple projects to fruition at the same time.

Lena discovered her passion for HR topics and for consulting early on. Especially for the huge impact that the compensation landscape has on a company’s internal and external performance! «How will Generation Z influence the future development of compensation strategy?» – «What impact will this have on performance?» – «What do companies have to adjust to in order to recruit qualified employees and keep them in the company while at the same time maintaining high performance and remaining competitive?» – These are just some of the questions that Lena is extremely interested in.


So it is only logical that Lena joins klingler consultants. Here she can delve deeper into the subject, face a new challenge and learn a lot. At the same time, she supports the team with research, analyses, the creation of presentations and the supervision of sub-projects.

As an absolute power woman, Lena is Vice President and Team Head of the HR department of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) in Zurich. But that’s not all! As the main person responsible and leader of the regional girls’ gymnastic team, she lives out her fascination for the perfect mix of incentives and motivation to promote and encourage young gymnasts so that they grow beyond their limits, because «….after all, a sense of achievement strengthens both the individual and the team. Both in professional as well as in private life.» – There is no question that Lena fits perfectly into the klingler team!

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