Kelly Schurek

Office Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 46


It’s a relief every Monday morning. When we open all our black notebooks in the weekly team meeting, Kelly Schurek pulls out her bright red agenda. It’s her trademark – and that’s good: Because just as our Miss Moneypenny likes it to be colourful, as versatile are also her skills.

Kelly keeps our backs clear and her ears open for concerns, makes sure that new employees find their way around in no time at all, assists in marketing, and always gets involved where there’s something to do. And in spite of all this, she never lets herself be disturbed. No wonder, because the trained businesswoman from the Zurcher Unterland has already seen a lot.

She started her career in an industrial company, then moved to an engineering community, sold motorcycles and accessories for a few years, then continued into the transport industry and finally ended up with klingler consultants. Together with her further training in human resources and headhunting, the gifted networker thus covers as broad a professional field as her private life.

Besides her work, she prefers to be found where the smell of gasoline fills the air and a V8 rattles: Kelly is at home on her motorbike and as a vintage girl she is mixing up the rock’n’roll scene all the way to Belgium. And for those quieter times, she dedicates herself to handlettering or taking a bath in the ice-cold Rhine.

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