Karine Wallin

Office Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 46

mail karine.wallin@klinglerconsultants.ch

“Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand. To nudge people and get them to develop their potential,” reveals Karine Wallin. But she wouldn’t need it at all. Because our office manager knows how to give people a gentle nudge at the right time without any magic at all. So that everything works out smoothly in the end. And our team has a lot of spirit.

Her flair for mediation between people rests on a long tradition. Already during her training as a translator at the University of Geneva, the native Romande sharpened her sense for the subtle nuances of communication. It’s no wonder that she always has an open ear and an extended antenna. This gives the people around her a good feeling – no matter where she is.

But Karine not only convinces with her soft skills and her trilingual abilities, she has also proven her organizational talent in her career: Whether in the sales force, in product management or in marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, in setting up the office of a non-profit association and the secretarial support for a professor, as the right hand of the management of an NGO or as a moderator at workshops. And now – of course – at klingler consultants.

With the same verve as in her job, the mother of two also tackles her private life: She dances, goes jogging, travels, dives and reads, is always on the lookout for new experiences and is open to other cultures. Or to put it another way: she likes to nudge herself again and again and to leap out of the comfort zone. Without any magic wand whatsoever.

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