Jonathan Matzinger

Junior Consultant

phone +41 44 542 26 41


Langenthal. The most average city in Switzerland. No place reflects the demography of our country better than the Oberaargau community. This is where Migros and Co. test new products on Mr. and Mrs. Average Swiss. And this is where Jonathan Matzinger lives – proof that Langenthal does not just produce boredom.

Jonathan’s home is his base camp between Berne and Zurich. He is completing his master’s degree in business administration at the university in the capital city of Berne. And here in Zurich he applies what he has learned. As a Junior Consultant, he brings the latest knowledge from research to the office and makes sure that our databases are tidy, our visualisations convincing and our benchmarks of top quality.

In general, Jonathan attaches great importance to being useful to his fellow human beings. This is not only evident in his work for klingler consultants. But also in his work in development aid in Nepal or his stay at a theological school in Colorado. To help people develop their potential: This is the central theme in the life of the redhead.

In his case, it is clear that you also need some distraction every now and again. As an enthusiastic sportsman, he gets this from kayaking on the Aare, playing beach volleyball, football or ice hockey. And because the brain is also known to be like a muscle, he trains it too: With podcasts, TED talks and books. After all, his own potential also needs to be developed.

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