Fritz Nobs

Senior Project Manager Executive Compensation

phone +41 44 542 26 51


Actually, Fritz Nobs is not a man of loud tones. He listens attentively, chooses his words carefully and gets to the heart of his arguments in a calm voice. But even before he speaks, he listens. This is not only his character, but also his business philosophy. Yes, Fritz Nobs is a quiet man actually.

But sometimes, Fritz gets loud. When he is on stage as a trombonist with one of his two bands. Whether blues-rock-soul or Latin jazz: in front of an audience, the reserved Central Swiss native becomes a grooving musician. And he plays the way the piece demands to be played: sometimes wonderfully softly so that the sounds float like wisps of cotton upon the air. And sometimes hard at the decibel limit.

In the klingler consultants ensemble, the father of two children plays a similar role. As Senior Project Manager Executive Compensation he sets the right tone at the right moment. With more than two decades of experience and stations in Switzerland and abroad, he is a walking encyclopaedia that people like to consult.

He started his career as an auditor at major Swiss banks and insurance groups, soon moved into asset management and investment banking, and finally found his vocation in executive compensation. He was responsible for the compensation structure of a Swiss reinsurance group and a pharmaceutical company, and later worked as an independent consultant, fulfilling numerous mandates as he is known to be: calm, objective and competent. These were only a few of the good reasons to bring him on board!

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