Emir Hrnjadovic


phone +41 44 542 26 45

mail emir.hrnjadovic@klinglerconsultants.ch

«I am a meticulous person. When I approach a project, I have an inner urge to complete it in such a way that it becomes perfect!» Emir is a cheerful nature, constantly searching for new insights, delving deeper and searching for the logic in everything. This fits perfectly with his new job at klingler consultants, where he is the equally perfect IT detective.

After his apprenticeship as an automation engineer as well as simultaneously acquiring a vocational baccalaureate and with his pronounced technical affinity, he has continuously and autodidactically expanded his knowledge. First in the field of electrical engineering & automation, then in engineering & analytics and of course permanently in IT. But that’s not all: in his free time, he enjoys tutoring maths.

Emir is generally someone who is interested in many things and always goes through life looking for meaning and equity. So it is only logical that he is now working for klingler consultants as an IT all-rounder for more pay equity. In addition, the spark jumped right away at the first job interview, both on a human level and in terms of the team spirit he found at klingler consultants.

Emir is also constantly learning in his free time. Even in his latest hobby, gardening, there is much to decipher about creative nature. True to his motto in life, «One should not only develop professionally, but never stop discovering wonders in all areas of life!». No wonder, Emir likes to get into the car every now and again once the gardening work is done, in order to discover the most beautiful and secret natural pearls of Switzerland together with his wife!

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