Denitsa Dineva

Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 59


Bulgaria, not Brazil, is Denitsa Dineva’s country of origin. And yet the opposing defender asks herself this question when the curly-haired head passes them in a dreamy dance and bounces the ball into the goal. “Doing the right thing at the right moment” is the secret of the Zurich Alternative League striker – and this motto applies not only on the football pitch.

She has been working for the klingler consultants team since 2018. For us and our customers, this is a double benefit. Here she combines her talent for numbers with a feeling for people and creates benchmarks and job evaluations as light-footedly as she presents her results to an audience. Open, direct and always with a smile on her lips.

After graduating from the Universities of Munich and Zurich, she joined one of the four major consulting firms before being hired by us. Now she is passionately committed to comprehensive and fair wages that provide the right incentives. Because one thing she knows for sure: motivation is the be-all and end-all – not only in sport, but also on the job.

Besides football and work, Deni, as she calls herself, likes it quiet. She has exchanged the hustle and bustle of Munich for Zurich’s manageability, and on her travels around the globe she enjoys making new contacts as much as simply being by herself. So it’s not so much different when being alone with the ball in front of the goal.

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