Claudio Freggio

Project Manager Business Development

phone +41 44 542 26 41


Claudio Freggio holds his own with Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “Reason shapes man, but emotion guides him,” the Geneva philosopher once wrote. And Claudio is the best proof that this sentence contains a true core.

So, his attitude led him into a very reasonable world right from the beginning of his career: that of finance. Claudio started out as a banking clerk, studied business administration and then embarked on a career in asset management. As a financial and investment expert, he worked for a major Swiss bank and then successfully managed his own company. At least until Rousseau came back, or more precisely: his insights. Claudio sold his company, moved into the HR space and finally joined the team of klingler consultants.

At klingler consultants, the Claudio is responsible for the development of new business areas. He knows how to respond to the needs of his counterparts like no other. When he listens, he listens. And when he speaks, he has something to say. These skills also help him in his work as a lecturer for business subjects at universities of applied sciences and even make him the preferred contact among friends for the big questions in life.

In his private life, Claudio otherwise sticks strictly to his Italian roots: Famiglia, Dolce Vita and sport are his holy trinity. Whether he spends time with his daughter, enjoys a bottle of wine with his wife or soaks up the scent of the forest while jogging: his feelings always guide him. And that’s very reasonable.

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