Cédric Kienscherff

Project Manager

phone +41 44 542 26 53

mail cedric.kienscherff@klinglerconsultants.ch

It is a sentence that speaks volumes: “Money is important. But health is even more important.” And because it comes from Cédric Kienscherff, our expert for salary systems in the health care sector, one wonders: Does this man practice his profession – or rather his vocation? No matter what the answer is: For our team he is a stroke of luck.

Cédric Kienscherff im Gespräch

The business economist with a degree from the University of Zurich knows the world of hospitals and clinics like the back of his hand. Before he joined klingler consultants in spring 2018, he advised medical practices on business management issues for four years. And here and there he combines his flair for the interpersonal with that for mountains of numbers.

The mountains fascinate him anyway – not only when they are made up of numbers. The Zurich native best enjoys the winter on his snowboard. And in summer it is uphill and downhill on a bike. He had even moved his place of work to the highlands during his time with a Swiss tourism region.

Cédric Kienscherff erklärt

But since he became the father of a son two years ago, things have been a little calmer for him too. Now he can also enjoy the snow on the slopes and the mountains in hiking boots. If it comes to that at all: With a job, family and a little house in the country, not only an appointment calendar fills up in no time at all, but also a life.

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