Aleksandar Savicic


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«We live in a nervous society», says Aleksandar Savicic, «and even though I may not be able to calm the world, I want to explain it – at least to myself.» It is sentences like this that show: Here is a person who wants a lot and thinks a lot. A person who is driven by curiosity and has set out to find answers to the questions of our time.

The best illustration of characteristic is his curriculum vitae. After a commercial apprenticeship, Aleksandar first completed his vocational baccalaureate and then studied business law. He made his first steps in the professional world at the court of labour, then changed to a firm specialised in company foundations and finally joined a law firm. Later, his path lead him to the cantonal administration, the control centre of a trade union and to an IT start-up. And as it happens, besides his professional life, he still found time to get a second degree in history at the distance learning university.

The fact that Aleksandar has now joined the klingler consultants team is a most fortunate coincidence for both sides. He appreciates the work at the interface of business and society as well as the combination of financial and human issues. We have gained an expert who is familiar with salary bands, functions and benchmarks and who enjoys communicating the subject matter to our clients.

In the morning, the Zurich native likes to come to work on his longboard, after work he can regularly be found on the tennis court or in the skate park, and during the cold season, Aleksandar spends a lot of time on his snowboard. Sometimes he also catches the travel bug and plays with the idea of moving to Serbia, the home of his parents. For the time being, however, he is going to stay here. That’s good news for us.

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