HR Instruments

We support you in developing your HR processes in a pragmatic way, through the use of applicable instruments and approaches. During this development process your needs and preferences lie at the center.

Job evaluation

The job evaluation creates a comparability between functions and organizational units according to a uniform, comprehensible standard. The job evaluation is an important basis for various personnel policy decisions.

With the help of a standardized evaluation catalogue, we moderate workshops where managers assess the requirements of their sub-ordinated functions. Our efficient approach and methodology allows the assessment of about 40 functions a day. The result of such an evaluation is the formulation of a functional landscape, portraying the assessed functions in context of the organization. Such a landscape lays the foundation for further activities in the scope of compensation and HR organization.

Automated profiles & competency models

The results of the job evaluation allow for a systematic translation of the functional requirements and competencies into job profiles. The job profiles hold the specific requirements required for a job, whereby the tasks, level of education and experience are formulated, as well as the competency profile describing the respective levels of competency required by the job.

Instrument for salary rounds

For salary rounds our excel-based instruments offer the necessary support in determining and establishing salaries. Furthermore, the instrument allows for a complete overview and systematic management of your employees’ salaries. The instrument has a modular build, allowing its functionalities to be tailored to every customer.

To establish or further promote fairness within organizations, the instrument allows for a diverse range of internal comparisons to be made. Together with the integration of external benchmarks, the instrument can encompass the context of the market, allowing your decisions to promote your competitiveness. The instrument has the capability to split given information into separate documents as handouts to the involved managers. The handouts can then be consolidated back into the instrument, tracking any changes suggested by the involved parties. An interface to ERP systems and Payroll systems is also ensured.