Pay Equity

Together with our partners SQS and acbe, we support you in the review of equal pay in your company. In this way we enable your company to position itself as a fair employer on the labor market on the basis of recognized and robust analysis methods.


Our analysis methodology log+insights enables differentiated evaluations in accordance with the methodological requirements of the Swiss federal government. By using econometric models in combination with function-based cross-comparisons, we achieve significantly better insights compared to standard methods such as Logib. Furthermore, your confidential data remains in a secure environment and is not processed via external web servers. The results can be additionally confirmed with an attestation or a certificate.

Certificate Fair Compensation

In close cooperation with the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), we assist companies in auditing their wage structure and system according to recognized criteria, thus enabling differentiated feedback on compliance with wage justice.

Companies can receive certification at three different levels, each based on their own merits, and thus position themselves as fair employers on the labor market. The certificates “Fair Compensation”, “Good Practice in Fair Compensation” and “Excellence in Fair Compensation” are nationally recognized.

The certification validates a company’s pay equity by a recognized, independent authority and highlights internal fields of action in the compensation strategy:

  • Positioning as a fair employer in the recruitment market
  • Recognized confirmation of internal wage justice in public procurement
  • Positive message to employees with regard to balanced wage setting

Attestation on pay equality

While the certification process extends over three years, the attestation by acbe offers the opportunity to have the wage structure and system assessed on a single year basis by our experts. An attestation can be flexibly tailored to the specific needs of your company.