Compensation Strategy & Implementation

We support you in the verification and construction of your compensation strategy. A competitive, modern total compensation system should be measurable, transparent and comprehensible.

Typically, we support you by developing audits on your current compensation situation under the consideration of best-practices. We provide you with the recommended course of action through the creation of concepts, cost simulations and provision of other relevant contents (regulations etc.).

Audit of existing compensation systems

On the basis of an audit we review the current systems and practices that define the salary formation and development within a company. Hereby we analyze the various available documents and provide feedback on market attractiveness and practicability.

Given our many years of experience we base our assessment on typical sector-specific best practices. The recommendations provide you with a foundation for discussion on possible next steps.

Compensation concepts

Our compensation concepts take your organizational circumstances into account and are based on our know-how, proven solutions as well as best practices of the respective sector. Furthermore, to establish clarity on the cost implications, the concepts are tested for their feasibility on the basis of simulations. We stand for pragmatic, realizable solutions through our active support from the conceptualization up to the development of regulations.

  • The concepts of base salary focus on the definition of the base salary of employees, with the idea of function typically being key. Amongst others, emphasis is put on the internal fairness.
  • STI concepts reflect bonuses that commonly relate to the performance achieved in the previous year. Attention goes to the eligible group, establishing goals and measuring these as well as ensuring the effectiveness of the incentive itself.
  • LTI concepts are usually developed for a chosen group of eligible participants and aim to establish a retention effect. Through the use of pragmatic approaches, the long-term participation in the performance of the company can be established whilst ensuring sustainable performance.

Pension and benefits

Our consultancy also covers the structuring of fringe benefits and the organisation of pension schemes from the employer’s perspective. Our rolling pension fund survey, for example, allows you to understand the market positioning of your current pension solution. Together with specialized partners, we support you in the realignment of pension plans and benefits. This ranges from adjustments to fringe benefits, innovative 3a solutions with company matching contributions to the introduction of a 1e pension solution for the extra-mandatory benefits.