Pharma sales force/key account management survey 2020 successfully completed

The results provide a good basis for strong performance!

The «Pharma 2020 Sales Force/KAM Survey» has just recently successfully been completed and now provides data on around 20 major «hard» and «soft» key performance indicators. This valuable KPI pool now answers important questions such as:  

  • Are we in the top or midfield regarding the number of field days, the face2face contacts per field day/annum, the sales and contribution margin ratios per sales force member and personal customer contact?
  • In which areas is there potential for optimisation?
  • Where does our company stand in comparison to other companies with regard to the surveyed parameters?
  • Are we competitive? – Where is special attention to be paid?

The report also contains statements on customer access and multi-channel interactions, grouped by market segment. Sales and distribution companies now have a wealth of valuable information for performance analysis and targeted development measures to fully exploit their potential and efficiently achieve their goals.

Would you like to know more about this and about future planned pharmaceutical content surveys? We look forward to hearing from you!


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