Remuneration Survey “Treuhand2020”

The remuneration survey “Treuhand2020” is one of the most important Swiss market comparisons of remuneration in the fiduciary/trust sector. The targeted groups are all fiduciary service providers (corporate and tax consultants, auditors, financial, pension and legal consultants, real estate managers, insurance consultants). “Treuhand2020” is launched nationwide in two languages (German & French) in collaboration with TREUHAND|SUISSE.

Participants fill their remuneration data into a secure survey file and receive a detailed and anonymous report on the current market remuneration as well as on the positioning of their company compared to  competing companies.

“Treuhand2020” – Facts

  • Nationwide survey in German and French
  • Tailor-made participation options for small to large companies
  • Up to 50 specialist and management functions in the fiduciary and trust sector
  • Statistical evaluations of base pay, variable remuneration and lump-sum expenses
  • Separate evaluation according to orientation and size of companies as well as regions and cantons
  • Comprehensible results for participants with an additional report on current remuneration practices

Schedule 2020
Official launch: as of March 2020
Closing date for applications: end of June 2020
Submission of data: until end of August 2020
Results: autumn 2020

Contact person

Sabrina Hugentobler

phone +41 44 542 26 48


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