Pharmaceutical Key Account Manager and Sales force survey 2020 launched

Be part of it and participate as well!

Would you like to know how well your sales team is positioned compared to other pharmaceutical companies, in which areas your sales representatives are among the best in the industry and where potential remains to be developed and exploited?

Over three dozen companies participated in the preliminary survey. The feedback has enabled us to tailor our survey to the specific needs, requirements and interests of Rx and OTC companies, thereby ensuring that this fieldwork survey will provide a high level of practical benefit to CEOs, Business Unit Directors and Sales Managers.

Participating companies receive a meaningful, highly useful company report with a large selection of evidence-based evaluations of the sales force (e.g. regarding number of productive working days, visit averages, sales productivity, customer access development, etc.) to compare with comparable companies in their respective sub-markets.

Why not seize the opportunity to gain new insights allowing to identify even more valuable development potential of your sales force through the results of this confidential survey and participate in it as well.

For more information, kindly contact Peter Cavigelli

Download the flyer including the registration form here