«Pharma21» – remuneration survey

The «Pharma21» remuneration survey represents one of the most important Swiss compensation surveys in the pharma industry. This year’s edition will be launched in two languages (English and German) in cooperation with the four Swiss pharma associations (vips, Interpharma, ASSGP and Intergenerika). Target groups are pharmaceutical companies, generic manufacturers, OTC companies and other companies in the industry.

How does the pharma remuneration survey work?

Participating companies will be asked to submit their internal remuneration data through a secured file. Afterwards, klingler consultants validates and analyses your remuneration data and subsequently produces a detailed and anonymous report on the current market remuneration.

Pharma21 remuneration survey – key facts

  • Launched in English and German
  • More than 100 pharma-functions
  • Statistical analysis of base salary, variable compensation, lump-sum and effective total compensation
  • Separate analysis by «cluster», company size as well as regions and cantons
  • Additional report on current compensation practices (i.e. working time, variable compensation and young professionals)

Product description, sample analysis and order form

Detailed information on the «Pharma21» remuneration survey:

Pharma21 remuneration survey – product description

Pharma21 remuneration survey – sample analysis

Pharma21 remuneration survey – order form

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