«Pharma21» – remuneration survey just launched!

Would you like to know how well your company is positioned in terms of total compensation compared to other pharmaceutical companies, in which areas your employees are remunerated fairly and in line with the market, or where potential is still to be exploited? Do you strive not only to attract talent but also to retain it?

Find out more and take part in the 11th salary survey for the pharmaceutical industry! It is carried out with the support of the industry associations (vips, Interpharma, Intergenerika and ASSGP). Target groups are researching pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of prescription drugs as well as generic drugs, OTC companies and other companies in the sector.

Participating companies receive a meaningful company report with a large selection of evidence-based evaluations of total compensation and with comparisons to similar companies in their sub-markets.

Take the opportunity to gain new insights through this confidential survey and take part in it!

Further information including downloads and the registration form is available here.

We look forward to your participation!