Pension Plan Study

In addition to annual base salary and variable compensation, pension benefits are among the significant elements of wage costs. Companies’ contributions to pension funds are considerable and represent up to 20% of personnel costs. Nevertheless, the structures and parameters of pension solutions in the market are often uncertain. The pension fund study gives you a good opportunity to analyse your pension solution and compare it with the market.

How does the Pension Plan Study work?

When participating in the study, companies fill in their internal pension data in a questionnaire or have the questionnaire pleasantly completed by klingler consultants. klingler consultants evaluates the pension data and then prepares a detailed and anonymised report on the current market situation.

Pension Plan Study – Key Points

  • Nationwide implementation in German, English and French
  • Participants from all sectors
  • Statistical evaluations of insured salary, employer and employee contributions, coordination deductions and much more
  • Separate evaluations according to pension plans and degree of employment
  • Additional information on retirement, risk contributions and coverage ratio
  • Consideration of conversion and interest rates
  • Special attention to supplementary plans with strategy choice (1e)

Product description and registration form

Detailed information on the pension fund study can be found here:

Pension Plan Study – Product description

Pension Plan Study – Registration form 

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