Swiss Pharma KPI Benchmark

Market survey and cross-comparison 2019

The next planning round is just around the corner or has already begun and this new survey is designed to help you fine-tune your priorities for the coming year. We are pleased to present the new Swiss Pharma KPI Benchmark.

For this innovative benchmarking survey, a series of recent Key Performance Indicators based on 2018 actuals will be cross compared among the survey participants. Subsequently, the bandwidths and rankings are evaluated and the anonymized conclusions from this wide-ranging analysis are visualized and projected back to the participating companies. Further efficiency gains can be reached on this basis and the available funds can be used in a well targeted manner.

We look forward to welcoming you to the circle of participating companies and invite you to the meeting of the expert group on 23 September 2019 here at our premises in Zurich Altstetten.


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