IT Remuneration Survey 2020

Do you know the latest IT Remuneration Survey 2020? The IT Remuneration Survey 2020 represents one of the most important Swiss market comparisons on remuneration in the IT industry. The demand in the market is high, not least because the requirements and roles in the IT sector are changing very rapidly in the age of digitalisation. As a result, new professions, new roles and new tasks are constantly emerging, and agile organisation forms are becoming a must. Accordingly, companies that want to remain competitive must continuously ask themselves what compensation components are expected.

By taking part in this Remuneration Survey, which is conducted throughout Switzerland in German and English, companies receive high-quality, up-to-date and reliable compensation data that effectively supports them in establishing effective compensation and incentive systems that not only attract and motivate employees, but also help to retain them and their know-how in the company.

Target groups are all IT companies in Switzerland as well as large and medium-sized companies of all sectors with various IT functions.

When taking part in this Remuneration Survey, you enter your internal salary data in a confidential survey file and then receive a detailed and anonymous report on the current remuneration in the market as well as on your company’s position compared to the competition.

IT Remuneration Survey 2020 –  Key Points

  • Is carried out nationwide both in English and in German
  • Tailor-made participation options for small, medium and large companies
  • Over 70 specialist and management functions in the IT industry
  • Statistical evaluations of basic salary, variable remuneration and lump-sum expenses
  • Separate evaluation according to orientation/specialisation and size of companies as well as to regions and cantons
  • Clear results for participants with an additional report on current remuneration practices (e.g. on working hours, variable remuneration and career starters)

IT Remuneration Survey 2020 – Schedule

  • Start of registration: August 2020
  • Closing date for registrations: end of September 2020
  • Deadline for submission of data in the completed questionnaire: end of October
  • Results: November / December 2020

Product description and registration form

Detailed information on the remuneration study including a list of IT functions as well as an example of the results is available in the product description which can be downloaded here.

IT Remuneration Survey 2020 – Product description

IT Remuneration Survey 2020 – Registration form

Contact person

Robert Prihoda

phone +41 44 542 26 49


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