IT remuneration analysis 2022

Rolling remuneration analysis and/or supplementation with own data

Do you know the latest IT remuneration analysis 2022? This analysis represents one of the most important market comparisons on remuneration in the IT industry in Switzerland. The demand in the market is high, not least because the requirements and roles in the IT sector are constantly changing in the age of digitalisation. As a result, new professions, new roles and new tasks are continuously emerging.

The IT remuneration analysis is available both in English and in German and offers companies high-quality, up-to-date and reliable compensation data which are collected on a rolling basis. Companies are thereby supported in establishing effective compensation and incentive systems that not only attract and motivate employees, but also help to retain them and their know-how in the company.

This IT remuneration analysis is of outmost value for all IT companies in Switzerland as well as for large and medium-sized companies of all sectors with various IT functions.

The IT remuneration analysis 2022 can either be purchased as a report or on the basis of individual benchmarks (also by subscription).

IT remuneration analysis 2022 –  key points

  • Carried out nationwide on a rolling basis
  • Available in English and German
  • Based on data from over 1000 companies in 17 different sectors
  • Contains over 110 specialist and management functions from the IT sector
  • Includes 45’000 data sets
  • Statistical evaluations of basic salary and variable remuneration

Further information, downloads, registration form:

IT remuneration analysis 2022 Registration form including the list of functions

We are happy to answer any question you might have regarding this remuneration analysis and look forward to your participation!

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