Contemporary 1e pension solutions for the management

Offer your employees a choice of individual investment strategies in the extra-mandatory pension cover and let them benefit from attractive tax advantages.

In the area of the pension plan for the management, the 2nd pillar offers interesting options, as for some years now, new possibilities have been opening up in the field of occupational pension cover with the so-called 1e pension plans.

These 1e pension plans offer those insured at a management level the flexibility to choose from attractive options allowing to build up individual pension assets and at the same time they reduce the balance sheet risks of the company. We support companies in identifying their specific room for manoeuvre in the extra-mandatory part of the pension cover, deriving possible courses of action and in determining the ideal providers.

Based on these analyses, management is provided with a robust groundwork allowing to make fundamental decisions and to discuss the introduction of a 1e pension plan as well as its possible advantages and disadvantages with the board of directors.

A well designed 1e solution offers significant advantages for both the company and the employees:

  • From the employer’s point of view, 1e solutions offer protection against underfunding in the extra-mandatory part, and the need for provisions according to IAS 19 is reduced substantially.
  • For employees, 1e solutions offer protection against redistribution because the returns achieved can be directly allocated to the corresponding pension assets and the investment policy can be regularly adjusted to the current personal situation.

Would you also like to be one of the attractive companies and optimise the future of your company and your employees with a contemporary 1e pension solution?

We would be happy to answer any question you may have in this regard and look forward to hearing from you!

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