With our continuous engagement through the acbe (Association of Compensation & Benefits Experts) we strive for the professionalization of all compensation & benefits related subject areas in Switzerland.

At the center of acbe’s goals lies the continued professionalization and establishment of market-driven, comparable and transparent remuneration systems for Swiss companies. The acbe is especially active in the following areas of compensation-related topics:

  • Fostering Fairness, comparability and transparency in compensation practices through the officially accepted certificate “Fair Compensation”
  • Promoting the quality and professional expertise through training and development (CAS study program in Compensation & Benefits, offered in both German and French)
  • Networking of experts through seminars and roundtables

The practical guide

For an effective and fair total compensation, the acbe has drawn up a practical guide “Compensation & Benefits Management” (in German, French will be available soon). It covers the fundamentals as well as methods for the development of compensation systems. The book explains the subject areas and connection between the essential compensation elements in a comprehensive manner. Furthermore, its articles and practice cases have been contributed by over 20 certified compensation experts.

More Information

Further information on the acbe can be found at the acbe website.